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9:04pm 04-03-2012
Bill Buckler
What a nostalgic trip it was to read articles I'd written for the Wail 55 years ago!! A real trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting this site. I'll recommend it to brother Jonnie.
9:05am 03-21-2012
Carlos Munoz
I was at camp 1980 -1981.What great memories.
11:39pm 01-22-2012
John B. Stebbins, Jr
I got my five year paddle in 1965. What great memories and summers!
6:41am 11-17-2011
Roger Gilfert
Thanks for putting this together....great memories. I was a camper at Winape for the 1961 - 63 seasons. My Dad (Robert John Gilfert) was a counselor there in the early 1940s. I still have my copy of my Winape Wail from there someone who might be interested in getting a copy of it? Thanks again for the memories! Roger Gilfert
4:07pm 12-31-2010
I'm sorry, that was Eric Lessing... my name memory is really terrible
3:38pm 12-31-2010
Peter Lessing was my assistant counselor that same year
3:21pm 12-31-2010
I remember him well... he was a great guy!
3:19pm 12-31-2010
Your father was MY head counselor in 1955... I was in Curtis Cabin
12:43pm 12-31-2010
John Berwick
Hi Ed-

I was a Winape camper along with my two brothers Jim and David from 1955 to 1961. My father was one of the head counselors you may remember "Big John" Berwick. Great to see all the old photos. . .

J. Berwick
9:18am 08-26-2010
Tom Hanley
Thanks for posting these photos. I have run into Peter Lessing in geology.
12:18pm 09-22-2009
10:52am 09-22-2009
Charles Flynn
had not thought about Winape for years, and decided to google it. When did it close? What was the reason for its demise? Is is all condos now??

Went in 1962, 1963, and 1964
6:03pm 08-23-2009
No, I just like taking pictures of animals
5:46pm 08-23-2009
Eric Goodhart
Hi Ed,

I can't believe you still had copies of the Wail. Thanks for posting.
Brings back fun memories. By the way, do you have something to do with the Southwick Zoo?

All the best, Eric
3:16pm 06-14-2009
lefty (craig)
Ed....we met at creek's annaversary show in Hartford at the gave me a few cds of a show from 98(thanx!! great show..robs bday) have some great stuff on yer site....much peace and love, brother...hope to bump into you at a future show....lefty
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